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Passive Income Ideas For Online Business Owners

Our monthly revenue has doubled in the last year here’s how…

Passive Income.

Passive income can look different for everyone. From a podcast on Patreon to adding advertisements to your blog. For us, it’s templates. There is no better feeling than waking up to an email that someone has not only purchased your digital product but that you’ve also helped that person with their life/business.

Another benefit of passive income is it leads to inquiries. You are showing that you are the expert. We get about 40% of our inquiries through Etsy and Creative Market. If your passive income requires you to publish/upload on a new platform, it will not only bring in a new audience, new sales, new views but also new bookings. Our only regret is not starting our passive income journey sooner!

Social Media Manager/ Virtual Assistant

E-Book Of How To Start
Digital Guide Of Hacks
Sell Digital Templates On Etsy
Start A Blog Of Your Journey
Become An Affiliate With Your Client’s Programs
Put Your Podcast Behind A Paywall On Patreon
Start A Youtube Channel


Sell Paid Stock Photos On Unsplash
Sell A Timeless Video Course Teaching Editing
Sell Free Stock Photos For Exposure On Pexels
Sell Photo Book Templates
Sell B-Roll Style Videos
Start A Blog (If You Travel To Destination Weddings)
Sell Stock Images Privately On Pixieset

Artist/ Illustrator/ Designer/ Web Developer

Sell Online Digital Templates
Sell A Course
Create A Print-On-Demand Store
Sell An E-Book/Digital Guide
Start A Youtube Channel
Start A Blog
Start A Podcast Behind A Paywall
Publish A Book

Online Service Provider

Sell Pre-Recorded Trainings
Sell A Digital Guide
Start A Podcast Behind A Paywall
Start A Blog
Become An Affiliate
Sell Your Process As A Course

For Customised Passive Income And Custom
Services Suggestions For Your Business,
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