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Do You Raise Your Prices Then Freak Out?

[ PSA: Charge Your Worth ]

There are people that sell farts in jar. And let me preface, this is zero shame zone. But we can still talk about the ‘fake it till you make it’ businesses out there. There are people in your industry that are very questionable. They show up overnight, suspiciously accumulate followers and magically start making 5K in two weeks. Make it make sense. There are people who’s skills are below beginner, their process doesn’t make sense and their work is unaligned. And guess what? They STILL SELL with crazy prices.

Why not you? 

What is it about your business that is making you have this scarcity mindset that prevents you from raising your prices? My advice to you is to write down everything involved in your business and see what brings you a feeling of joy and what doesn’t.

If it’s your process…try a CRM
If it’s your website…look into templates
If it’s your niche…pivot
If it’s your branding…hire a designer

Confidence and excitement can be felt through the screen. If you’re not happy, neither is your business and certainly not your prices. It’s okay to always be adjusting until you feel happy with your business. Trust me, the trouble, the going inside and really seeing and feeling what you want to create and have your business be is all worth it. Once you’re confident with your business, you will be comfortable with raising your prices.

My last bit of advice to you if you’re afraid to raise your prices is that, it’s all in the mind. Collapse the space between you and where you want to be by charging what they would charge. What process would they have? What would their reels look like? What would their website look like? What would they raise their prices to? If you don’t have the funds to create that world. FEEL IT. Every time you feel what it would feel like to be that person, the manifestation comes closer and closer.

2023 is all about being delusional, build your business like your mom isn’t watching. 
Was this post really written for me? Maybe.