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Brand Strategy: Tone of Voice Explained

Tone of voice is part of our brand strategy service. It is one of the most crucial elements to a brand. Tone of voice can dictate what kind of audience responds to your language. In-turn the tone of voice you use can speak directly to different areas of your audience. For example, if your audience is ‘online businesses’ that can range from fresh new businesses to years-old established businesses. Switching your tone can make a viewer feel spoken to or not.

Which tone of voice is happy and bubbly?


“With our in-depth research your brand is guaranteed to be seen and recognised in it’s saturated industry.”


“We are totally obsessed with seeing our clients success succeed in their industry!! When you succeed, we succeed.”


“Since the beginning of our business, we’ve been building eternal brands for success.”

Your tone of voice determines who perceives your business and how it is recognised

[ The Answer Is Option Two ]

Tone of voice gives your brand a personality. Without one, your brand is going to sound like a robot. Audiences don’t connect with robots. If your brand sounds off, audiences will have resistance to listening to you, making you not the expert. If you’re not the specialist, no one will invest in you.

[ Benefits Of Tone Of Voice ]

It Builds Connections

Audiences are emotionally connected to brands that use a positive tone of voice and brands that show that they care about their viewers/customers/clients.

Tone of Voice Makes You Human

People connect with people. Audiences look for brands that sound like them and relate to. Having a tone of voice increases trust and credibility.

Your Brand Stands Out

Brands with a distinctive tone of voice have a better chance of standing out in a saturated industry. Memorable content, compelling storytelling and a distinctive personality also helps a business stand out but wouldn’t be possible without tone of voice.

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